Why Use

Why Use A Scope Level?

Introducing a low profile, scope mounted, precision level that provides a convenient solution to the often ignored sighting problem confronting any rifle shooter wishing to achieve high or ultra high accuracy. Various solutions for ensuring that the intended aiming point and the projectile trajectory lie on the same vertical plane date back to pre-Civil War times. Thus, while certainly not revolutionary, our products are designed to drastically increase your rifle’s accuracy while also being easy to use. The Lyon tube mounted level adds only 5/8 of an ounce, is no more obtrusive than the top of the usual scope-mounting ring, and appears to be an integral part of your scope. For an even cleaner and more subtle look we also developed the Lyon Scope Level in a second style that is mounted by replacing the top half of Leupold style mounting rings with the level.

Present barrel, bullet, and scope technology allows shooting accuracy of better than ½ minute of angle (MOA) and consistency of better than 1/8 MOA to be achievable from a steady rest. This accuracy can easily be lost however, over any distance involving significant bullet drop, if the rifle bore and scope centerline plane is canted. You will find when using only surrounding references, especially if out in the field, setting your scoped rifle up with a vertical angle error of less than plus or minus 2° is quite difficult. This ±2° error results in a 1 inch horizontal spread for each 14 inches of bullet drop. But, using a precision scope mounted level makes it easy to hold this vertical angle error to less than 4 MOA as you set up to shoot from your rest.

The scope tube mounted and Leupold style scope levels are produced in two sizes to fit either 1 inch or 30 mm body tubes or Leupold rings. They are CNC machined from high-grade aluminum, fitted with glass spirit levels, and come anodized in either matte black or matte silver. When mounted, the spirit level can be easily seen at any angle from above or behind.

Scope mounted levels can be secured anywhere along the scope’s tube. But, for the best accuracy possible they need to be clamped on precisely level at the same time that the scope center line is exactly above the rifle bore’s centerline. To assure proper alignment, each level kit is shipped with a precise alignment/leveling fixture to be used across either scope ring during the mounting procedure. This alignment/leveling fixture also makes leveling your scope’s crosshairs much easier and precise.